The easiest way to check the waves in Rhode Island

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Live HD Images

View the HD camera images straight from Narragansett Beach wherever you are, curtesy of Warm Winds Surf Shop

5 Day Forecast

Get the latest forecast information for the upcoming 7 days straight from RhodyCast, the only surf forecast made exclusively for Rhode Island

Live Buoy Data

Get the latest NOAA buoy reports, showing the current swell in the water. Convienently view the current wave spectra breakdown from Block Island, Montauk, and Nantucket.

Tide Information

View the upcoming tides, as well as the sunrise and sunset for the day so you can plan whether to dawn patrol or leave work early.

Open Source

Both the Android and iOS versions of the app are totally open sourced! Hack away and add any features you want to see in the app, and I'll be happy to add them in. Or simply help development by reporting bugs or possible new features.

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